Time for Transformation!

My name is Nick Krichevsky and I am a teacher and expert for transformative and digital education. I entered education with the purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of the students in my classroom. This has changed. Why should it just be my students, and why only in the classroom? Education for tomorrow is inclusive, innovative, transformative and digital!

My Why

My Vision

I envision a society living together peacefully, striving together to achieve a just future. In this society it is commonplace that individualized spaces exist in which each person can develop his or her full potential, at their own pace, with dignity and self-confidence.  

My Mission

My mission is to build up a network of educational consultants to support educational institutions and networks with digital, transformative, and systemic change to improve how they work as a system and how they educate as a whole.

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Born and raised on the west coast of California, now I have settled down with my family in the very enjoyable Hanover, Germany.

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Consulting, Workshops and Capacity Building suited to the challenges you are facing or will be facing soon. 

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