About Me

I currently work as a Biology and English teacher at Robert-Bosch-Gesamtschule in Hanover, a UNESCO-school and awardee of the ‘Best School in Germany’ prize by the Deutsche Schulakademie. Additionally I am the Chief Knowledge Officer for Educational Greenhouse, a non-profit company dedicated to finding and implementing educational solutions in Germany and world-wide.

Over the last half a decade I have dedicated myself towards furthering transformative education in my school, in Germany and also in international networks. My work in the innovation lab ‘Global Citizenship Education’ sponsored by the Deutsch Schulakademie, constantly provides new insights into the why and hows of transformative education. 

As part of the UNESCO Baltic Sea Project network I will be organizing the 3rd international Baltic Sea Summer Camp bringing together 90 participants from around the Baltic Sea. We have plans to take these camps a step futher as part of a UNESCO-BSP Programme for Global Citizenship Education starting in 2021. 

Together with Educational Greenhouse we have started to use our expertise in digitalization, transformative education and coaching to help bring together educators at digital conferences with the mindset that a digital experience can also be co-collaborative and transformative. For a quick look at how this kind of conference can be held, check out our UNESCO conference held for schools in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Over the last couple of years and especially since the Corona pandemic, I am seeing schools struggling to try and find digital solutions that work well. My expertise is in helping schools and educational institutions take a Whole Institution Approach to digitalization. I am convinced that digital solutions are more than a plan B or simply a way of speeding things up. Digitalization provides the means to providing a democratic, cooperative, efficient setting in which education can be more individual, effective, transformative and fun.